In the summer of 2004, Guelph Women in Networking approached the Guelph Chamber of Commerce (GCC) to develop an alliance that would afford women members from both groups to broaden their networking and training opportunities. The partnership is now in force.

This partnership is a first, and promises to deliver enormous benefit to each group and positions GWIN as an innovative leader in networking collaborations.

GWIN members in good standing are able to attend GCC events and training opportunities at the GCC member rates. Please note, however, GWIN members do not have access to GCC’s fuller benefit offerings such as merchant rates, insurance benefits, etc.

This alliance was established for two reasons:

  • Goal one was to ensure that GWIN members were able to experience the GCC event opportunities and expand their business arena;
  • Goal two was to afford the female members of GCC the chance to participate in GWIN events. However, GCC members will not have access to the fuller offering of GWIN benefits such as table top displays, bios etc.

This gives both organizations a strong tool with which to attract new members.

This partnership is just the beginning as GWIN and GCC continue to work together to create a continuing, mutually beneficial relationship; a relationship that will continue to expand in the marketplace.

What Do You Need To Do?
As a GWIN member you need only complete the following steps to register for any GCC event or training opportunity:

Go to the GCC Events site, locate the event/training you want to attend, and follow the steps indicated in order to register.

For all those who are not currently members of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, when registering add the word “GWIN” to your name (ie: Mary Smith – GWIN).

To ensure that our members receive the GCC member rates on all trainings and events, the GCC has a list of all GWIN members in good standing. In return, GWIN will be given a list to be able to identify GCC members who want to attend GWIN events/trainings.

Will GWIN get swallowed up by GCC?
We know it is of paramount importance that the special ‘culture’ in GWIN is preserved. This is the key reason why the alliance is set up to share events and trainings exclusively. Because GWIN initiated this partnership, they will have equal billing in all public relations activities around the partnership.

Will we lose members to GCC?
GWIN is specifically a women-only organization, and as such will continue to enjoy that special attraction to women because it cannot be duplicated by the GCC. In addition, membership costs for GWIN are less than those of many networking groups, and we feel GWIN will be more than able to hold their own in the competitive arena of networking group memberships.

Does GCC have any power within the GWIN organization?
No. The GCC and GWIN operate individually and exclusively from one another and are simply extending networking/training opportunities between the two groups.