GWIN Business Bios: October 2017

At our monthly GWIN meeting two business owners have the opportunity to give the GWIN membership an exclusive look inside their business. This month Denise Dysma and Hayley Kellet chatted improving in your daily life and the magic of being a business owner. For those who could not attend, or perhaps you would like to enjoy again, take a read below for both of their Business Bios!

Denise Bysma – Pure Magic Vacation


Hi! My name is Denise Bysma and I’m a Disneyholic not sure where I got this condition but I don’t want to be cured!! I’m a wife to my own Prince Charming and a mom to three amazing mousekeeters. I am a travel agent with Pure Magic Vacations. I first walked down Main Street USA in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park in 1980. I can still remember that special feeling I had… that was home. Both Disney and I have grown tremendously in 37 years, but one thing remains the same when I enter the parks I still get that same warm and magical feeling. To my family and friends, I am known as the Disney Guru. For years they have turned to me for help in planning their Disney vacations. I decided the best way to help was to officially become a travel agent. After I received my certification I sought out an agency to affiliate myself with that was focused on family vacations.

Pure Magic Vacations is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner as well as an Ear Marked Agency. Disney doesn’t give that status out to just anyone. I have successfully completed Disney’s College of Knowledge agent training program and received other industry designations. I am a full-service travel agent with a focus on the Disney destinations, Universal Orlando and the Central Florida area, but I can take you anywhere in the world pixie dust included! I guess you can say I know the Disney product! I have visited Walt Disney World Resort in Florida 16 times and counting… sailed on the ships on Disney Cruise Line, vacationed at Disneyland in southern California and I’m looking forward to visiting Disney’s resort Aulani in Hawaii next June. I attend on site training agent education programs to experience destinations firsthand and share my knowledge and service my clients better. What benefit is there to work with me? Here are a few reasons to book your next vacation with me. It’s FREE I’m compensated by Disney and other travel suppliers, I charge NO service fees. All my personalized planning serves comes at a huge value to you with out any cost! I give a detailed itinerary including transportation tips, dining reservations and even pre- reserved ride times so you can simply enjoy the magic with your family. To further enhance your visit to the Most Magical Place on Earth, I can recommend magical extras you might not think of as part of a Walt Disney World vacation. An adult only date night? A pontoon boat cruise to watch the fireworks? A family scavenger hunt through the Magic Kingdom? Intrigued?? These are just a few of the many possible “extras” that truly make a Disney Parks vacation so much more than a visit to a theme park!

Life is stressful planning your vacation shouldn’t be! With every reservation I make, I give special attention to exactly what my clients are looking for and what is important to them. Just like I would for my own family. I take care of all the details. I take into consideration everything that makes your family unique and then plan to suite. From special dietary and mobility needs your vacation will be designed perfectly for you. I monitor Disney’s promotions daily, and this means that if you have reserved a package already and a new promotion is released that applies to your travel dates I will do my best to get you that promotion applied to your reservation and save you money. It doesn’t hurt to have someone only a text or phone call away to help you out while you are on vacation should any issues arise. From last minute schedule changes to advice where to take a sick child, I’m there for you! Once you start making Disney memories, you will want to keep returning and maybe create a whole new family tradition! I remember you and your family, what you liked and what you were dying to try next (or do again). My clients become my family, and nothing gives me more pleasure than helping you experience a whole new Disney every time you return “home”! Many people have a “bucket list” which holds a list of dream vacations.

I have a saying for my clients “don’t just dream it, do it”. Making memories with your friends and family is what is truly important, and its’s my job to get you there. So, let’s start planning and creating memories that will stay with you and your family happily ever after…

Hayley Kellet – The Making Box


At 15 I was a weird kid. I was a bright red mod-robe wearing, heavy metal band t-shirt clad, fish-net covered teenager. I also chaired the Drama Council of my high school and could sing all the words to any Mamas and The Papas song. Needless to say, I had trouble figuring out where I fit in.

I stumbled into an improv class and found my tribe. I discovered a place where I could be my whole, weird self without worry of judgement. I was able to let my creativity flourish surrounded by others who were experiencing the same freedom. Improv had provided me with a platform to be a more open, happy and connected person. I saw the transformative power of improvisation as my classmates and I learned to put our critics on hold and embrace our mistakes as learning experiences, not failures. Together we learned acceptance and teamwork – life lessons everyone needs – through fun, simple games and activities. I realized we are improvising every day. Every conversation and interaction we have in unscripted and can’t be predicted no matter how much we plan. By carrying the lessons I learned in those improv classes forward with me into adulthood, it made navigating those unpredictable moments infinitely easier.

Today I am the co-owner of The Making-Box, Guelph’s hub for live comedy and improv education and I dedicate every day to helping others experience the same joys and lessons of improvisation I learned in those classes. In the spirit of continuing my pledge to help others embrace the transformative power of improv, I would like to share a blog post written by the Improv for Business Director of The Making-Box, Jay Reid. In it, he outlines 7 key lessons and why they can transform your life for the better as a working professional, a parent, a friend and a person.

Click THIS LINK to read the article.

I would also like to challenge you all to try this simple improv exercise. The focus of this activity is listening to understand, rather than just respond. Often we think the best improvisers are the most silly, extroverted people, but the truth of the matter is those individuals often lack high quality listening skills making them challenging to work with. The best improvisers are the best listeners. Here’s how you play: With a partner, have a conversation that abides to this simple rule. The last letter of one partner’s sentence, is the first letter of the others. For example:

“After listening to Tahani Aburaneh speak at the last GWIN event, I am feeling very inspired.”

“Don’t you just want to go out there and take the world by storm?”

“Maybe you and I could team up on a project in the future!”

As you go through this, notice how your listening changes. How did this conversation go? How did it feel to respond with genuine spontaneity? Did you interrupt each other? I would love to hear about your experience, so don’t hesitate to e-mail me at with your thoughts on this game.

Want to experience more? Please consider taking a workshop with us. The Making-Box is offering Improv for Business Intro Sessions in Guelph and Kitchener on November 16th and 17th. We also offer this training for youth and teens! Visit us online at for details.


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Posted on: October 22nd, 2017 by GWIN