GWIN Business Bios: September 2017

GWIN Business Bios: September 2017

At our monthly GWIN meeting two business owners have the opportunity to give the GWIN membership an exclusive look inside their business. This month Lisa Kelso and Sonal Raje took the stage. Lisa, owner of Enriched Homecare educated us on the roles of caregivers and Sonal connected us with our creative side. For those who could not attend, or perhaps you would like to enjoy again, take a read below for both of their Business Bios!

Lisa Kelso – Enriched Homecare


Enriched Homecare is a home care service for seniors and their family caregivers.  Many individuals don’t think of themselves as a family caregiver although they just might be looking after a Mom or Dad whose health has declined and they can’t do everything for themselves any more.

Often, there are times when a family caregiver can’t accomplish the tasks they want to in looking after Mom or Dad. It is the mission of Enriched Home Care to family caregivers and seniors through what can be a difficult time with personal care, companionship and a gentle touch.  We’ll personalize our services to the needs of the senior.

Some of Enriched Home Care services  include personal care such as dressing, bathing & grooming,  transportation & accompaniment to doctor’s appointments, shopping & banking, meal preparation and clean up, light housekeeping and laundry, down-sizing and companionship.

Companionship is the heart Enriched Home Care.  We believe in creating bonds with seniors based on their history, likes/dislikes, hobbies, etc. In creating this bond, seniors look forward to our visits and don’t cancel last minute, which can be big stressor for the family caregiver.

My background with seniors comes from working in retirement and assisted living homes for 5 years. I’ve been a family caregiver to my Dad before he passed in 95 and have been a family caregiver for the past 3 years.

This background and training has given Enriched Home Care insight and knowledge into the varied needs of seniors, their families, the challenges they face, the services that we can assist with and the services in the community that can help them.

Along with being a member of GWIN, I also a member of the Guelph Wellington Seniors Association, Canadian Association of Retired Persons, am an ongoing volunteer with the Waterloo Wellington Alzheimers Society and am a co-founder of Caregivers Advocacy, which strives to provide needed information in such areas as financial, legal assistance, realty expertise and, of course, caregiving as they pertain to seniors. Enriched Home Care is also listed on, a government website resource for CCAC or LHIN, doctor’s offices, and other professionals.

Do you know someone who is struggling with juggling their own responsibilities with the demands of being a family caregiver?  Please reach out and introduce us.  I’m an excellent listener and will guide them to the services that Enriched Home Care can assist with and that will illuminate the stress that has landed on their shoulders.

Click here for more details or to book a coffee with Lisa.

Sonal Raje – Blue Amber Arts


Do you ever get lost in a painting? Or feel like you’re transported to another time and place at a great live music show? Studies have showed that practice and appreciation of art activates the pleasure center in the brain, and allows your heart to soften.

I am Sonal Raje, Artist and art educator, founder of Blue amber Arts. I have made it my mission as an artist to make art accessible for everyone, and have a prominent place in the toolkit of survival.

There was a time when you could hold a crayon or paintbrush in your hand and not feel overwhelmed, when the thought “I am not creative” did not enter your mind. Maybe that was before the stresses of adult life made it difficult to switch to a creative mode.

I feel blessed for following art as a vocation and having been recognized locally and at prominent art shows worldwide such as the Annual show of National Society of art Paris at the Louvre. I have a line of art prints on silk scarves that is marketed in Canada and States. I am wearing my art on my sleeve, and you are welcome to!

Along with the feeling of gratitude for these achievements I recognized my true calling in life. To promote expressive art in the community. I have facilitated art therapy workshops at the Hospice and the Special needs community. I lead a MeetUp group and workshops in my studio in Guelph.

I know I am on the right path when I see my studio light up with joy and excitement. Reflected on the face of my friend Jenny, who carries her personal set of oracle cards everywhere with her for inspiration, her husband Mike who enjoys a spontaneous painting class to relieve stress. Deb and her kids, sharing precious bonding at an interactive workshop. These are people who did not think of themselves as creative let alone an artist, but they opened up to trust and faith in the power of these simple processes.

And then there is my sister Ratnaja, a medical administrator by profession, who on a visit to Canada did a spontaneous painting with me. She has since then taken up art as a part time vocation, showing and selling her art in Australia.

Shows how a creative spark can ignite a passion!

The creation of intuitive art bypasses the blocks created by our ego and we can access messages from our higher self. I have integrated holistic processes into my art, such as meditation and balancing the Chakras, which are the energy centers in our body. When all the Chakras are balanced, the flow of energy creates wellbeing on a physical and emotional level.

As a licensed practitioner of the Journey Circles process, I would like to welcome you all on a priority basis on creative journey aboard the Soul Express. This is a journey of seven stops, each corresponding to the 7 Chakras.

We will create a personal deck of oracle cards that will be your constant companion and guide you to insights. Beautiful Mandala paintings with power symbols to energize your intentions. Truly a journey of discovery and empowerment.

I would like to end by extending a cordial invitation to the opening reception of my art show in Waterloo on the 28th of this month.

Click here for more information about the reception, Blue Amber Arts or to book a coffee with Sonal.


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