President’s Message: GWIN is MY TRIBE and How to Love What you do!

President’s Message: GWIN is MY Tribe and How to Love What you do!

This month’s President’s message from Moragh Lippert…

Greetings GWIN Members,

gwin members laughing at september meeting Our inaugural meeting September 12th was a great success! There was a lot of positive energy, excitement and awesome conversations while we all were mingling with our GWIN Tribe.

The GWIN Executive Team worked together like a fine oiled team that had worked together for ages. I’m very grateful to them. The GWIN Executive Team make my job EASY!

As part of our Expert Speaker Series, Carla Berquo was our Expert and Entertaining Speaker. She shared her wisdom and experience and humour in the area of Tribe. How we all have Tribes and are part of a Tribe. She gave great insight on how you can utilize your tribe for support and to meet personal and business goals. My favourite piece was about our “Spirit Tribe”.

moragh and carla As I told Carla, I could listen to her all night. Her message was so helpful and I love her beautiful accent! Thanks so much Carla.

For our next meeting on Tuesday, October 3rd, our Expert Speaker for October is Tahani Aburaneh – “No excuses. Love what you do.” I’m really looking forward to Tahani’s message!

We will also be presenting the GWIN $1,500 annual scholarship to our winner, Katherine MacKenzie! We will learn about Katherine and her multiple gifts and exciting plans to help support women.

Hope to see you there. Please register soon as seating is limited!

As always, we are continuously on the lookout for your comments, recommendations, speaker ideas and thoughts about how to make GWIN even better.

Just before I end this President’s Corner, I want to share a quote that has helped me. Almost 8 years ago my life took a very drastic turn and I made a total 180 degree life change when I decided to follow my Soul’s Path. I decided to – Love what I do! and fulfill my life purpose. My favourite quote at that time was:

“Sometimes the only mode of transportation is a LEAP of FAITH” ~ Anonymous

See you soon,

Moragh Lippert

GWIN President

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Posted on: September 23rd, 2017 by GWIN