Why a Scholarship?

GWIN believes in encouraging young women to excel in their chosen field of study Learn more.

That’s why we offer a scholarship to one female student each year.

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Comments from Past Winners:

“I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for inviting me to Tuesday night’s meeting and for selecting me as the winner of the GWIN scholarship this year.  It was great to meet everyone and see how beneficial it is to have a network of women in Guelph.  Talking to everyone and hearing about everyone’s business ventures made me feel quite honoured and proud to be receiving an award from you.  Receiving your scholarship allows me to continue to be heavily involved in many volunteer activities at the university and in the community.  As a matter of fact, I just got invited to attend a National Slow Food Conference in Montreal.  The cost to travel and stay in Montreal is quite high so I’ll be using part of the money you gave to me to go towards being able to travel to the conference. GWIN’s scholarship has already really helped me out!”

– Rebecca Gordon – 2014 Scholarship Recipient

“I feel like the scholarship you gave me enabled me to reach for higher ambitions and helped me succeed in my university career. Plus meeting you amazing, inspiring women at the fall dinner was such a great night for me! Thank you again so much for the scholarship and supporting me on my path through university and all that I’m doing.”

– Kelly Hadfield – 2009 Scholarship Recipient

“I was the winner of your scholarship back in 2006-2007 and thought I would give you an update. With your help I was able to complete school with honors and have become a successful woman here in Guelph, working my way up from the purchasing department to become the operations director for Merit Glass here in Guelph. I just wanted to take a moment and again say thank you for believing in me.”

– Michelle Houghton – 2007 Scholarship Recipient

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet and share goals with your members, and for supporting me on my journey along the ‘road less travelled’.”

– Tatiana Mitchell – 2002 Scholarship Recipient