Event Details

Event Location:

Springfield Golf and Country Club, 2054 Gordon Street, Guelph, ON

Event Date:

May 2, 2017


Non-Members $40 Members $30


Business first – tonight is your opportunity to think about other ways in which you can gain from your GWIN membership. Take an active role in our executive, and help to steer this organization in a positive direction.

Tonight we’ll be voting in a new executive. These positions include: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, Hospitality Coordinator, Upcoming Program Coordinator, Public Relations Coordinator, Public Relations Assistant, and, Communications Coordinator.

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, I don’t have what it takes to fill one of these positions. If these are your thoughts, don’t hesitate! Consider an executive position now! Spending time on our team will foster the development of the skills that you think you are lacking. Other amazing benefits of being on the executive include:

  • Meeting the membership more easily
  • Being in a very visual position: the membership will more easily know YOU and your business
  • Helping to foster the growth of other businesses
  • Have an active voice and role in the work that GWIN does

After the AGM, we will welcome…THE MAKING BOX!

Laughter is a shared experience that creates strong bonds and this is why Hayley is passionate about building community through comedy. Hayley is co-owner and Improv Incubator Director at The Making-Box, Guelph’s hub for live comedy and improv education. In 2016, her organization was nominated for both Innovation Guelph’s Start-Up of the Year and The Guelph Chamber of Commerce: Community Spirit Award. The best part is that this seems like just the beginning for this company. However, the word company is a misnomer because what’s happening feels more like a movement where a whole city is building community through comedy. Before launching The Making-Box Hayley had a long history with the world renowned Second City – a job that allowed her to celebrate how improv makes us more open, happy and connected people all over the globe. Not only that, Hayley has been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award: Best Female Improviser (2015), NOW Magazine’s Best Female Improviser (2015) and was recognized as one of Guelph’s Top 40 Under 40 (2016). Hayley takes great pleasure in being a mentor for the Rhyze Academy in Guelph; a one-of-kind, nine-month educational program developed to support women entrepreneurs as they connect the dots between business skills, financial know-how and work-life integration.
Improvising effectively can mark the difference between time wasted and time well spent. This is why The Making-Box helps individuals and organizations become more productive and happy by harnessing the tools of improv theatre and applying them in the workplace. Considering that lost productivity caused by workers’ depression and anxiety costs the Canadian economy nearly $50 billion annually, The Making-Box helps foster trust, transparency and adaptability through their Improv For Business training. Play is practical, and today we experience this first hand by diving in to simple and engaging improv exercises focused on listening and collaborating together.

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