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Springfield Golf and Country Club, 2054 Gordon Street, Guelph, ON

Event Date:

September 12, 2017


Members $30 Guest $40


Carla is a mother, a professional, a Toastmaster and a GWIN past-president. She has lived in Guelph for 10+ years and calls herself a “Guelphant” (proudly!). Carla is also a “possibilist”. She truly believes that anything is possible. As Nelson Mandela said: “it seems impossible, until it is done”.  Being part of a tribe sure helps getting things done!


The concept of tribes has been used in marketing mainly by Seth Godin (the guru); but mainly, tribes have been around for centuries. Indigenous people all over the planet have lived in tribes until these days. People appreciate social support, respect for individual differences, and the sense of belonging that tribes seem to have. A tribe symbolizes the affection and caring that so many of us long for. The formal definition of the word “tribe” is given in the Cambridge International Dictionary of English as “a group of people often of related families who live together, share the same language, culture, and heritage—especially those who do not live in towns or cities.” The values that most tribes hold focus around fairness, family, respect, responsibility, and positive relationships. The word “tribes” also has been used in an “informal” manner. The informal definition defines the meaning as “a large family or other group that someone belongs to.”


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