Guelph Chamber of Commerce & International Women’s Day

Guelph-Wellington Women in Networking has a history of collaboration in our community.

This approach lead to collaboration with Guelph Chamber of Commerce (GCC) and the local celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) with Innovation Guelph and it’s community partners.

GWIN’s Annual sponsorship to IWD holds a Founding member seat on the Community Committee for International Women’s Day organization each year.  This reciprocal relationship brings benefit to each organization with community involvement, action and support.  Look forward to offers each year!

Our collaboration with Guelph Chamber of Commerce (GCC) affords members join GCC events at member pricing when you have a GWIN membership.  This partnership is a first, and promises to deliver enormous benefit to each group and positions GWIN as an innovative leader in networking collaborations.

These partnerships is the beginning as GWIN and GCC continue to work together to create a continuing, mutually beneficial relationship; a relationship that will continue to expand in the marketplace.

What Do You Need To Do?

As a GWIN member you need only complete the following steps to register for any GCC event or training opportunity:

Go to the GCC Events site, locate the event/training you want to attend, and follow the steps indicated in order to register.

For all those who are not currently members of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, when registering add the word “GWIN” to your name (ie: Mary Smith – GWIN).

To ensure that our members receive the GCC member rates on all trainings and events, the GCC has a list of all GWIN members in good standing. In return, GWIN will be given a list to be able to identify GCC members who want to attend GWIN events/trainings.