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Cathy Kelly

MeetCathy Kelly Cathy KellyA Brighter World A Brighter World specializes in stress-free home renovations to make the most of your space for stylish, comfortable living – from bathrooms, kitchens, and…

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Judy Roeder

MeetJudy Roeder Judy RoederUrban Cottage Landscapes Guelph based Landscaping Company. We Design and Build the Natural Landscape of the Cottage. Your Home can Feel like the Cottage. Follow their socials: JACQUELINE FELL Meet Info Box Jacqueline…

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Cathy Mendler

MeetCathy Mendler Cathy MendlerA New Leaf Trained Professional Organizer, Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) Personalized organizing solutions for home and small business. Follow their socials: DECEMBER is Near and GWIN…

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Ardis McDonald

MeetArdis McDonald Ardis McDonald R.KIN, CDMPRustic Retrievals Ardis McDonald of Rustic Retrievals is a Home Stylist, taking a rustic and bucolic approach to home decor and design. Follow their socials: JACQUELINE FELL…

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