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Our organization is run on volunteers!

The Board of Directors meets monthly to develop the growth, direction, and goals of Guelph-Wellington Women in Networking.

We show appreciation to our Directors by offering waived annual membership fees, a Director Highlight in the newsletter and website news and in our social channels.  GWIN benefits greatly from the dedication of this team.


Members can be nominated for Director positions through our Executive Nomination Page. 

President, Director

Corinne Steel Gillespie


Supervises the overall activities and decisions for the organization. Responsible for liaising, development, and delivery of strategies for the organization and Board of Directors. Ensures the development of the Board for present and future goals of the organization.

Nicole Cool

Secretary, Director



Chief recording and corresponding officer of the organization. Acts as an archivist for the electronic documents and server. Also responsible for the organization and announcement of open Director positions and the Annual General Meeting in May.

Treasurer, Director



Handles all funds for GWIN, ensures accurate financial records including accounts payable and receivables, and sales. Liaising and distributing financial accounts information from hired professionals and the board.


Membership, Director



Supports membership, new and existing. Working to develop the member experience through feedback and community building. Also responsible for communications to members such as website, newsletter, and social media.

Hospitality, Director



Responsible for planning catering, facility bookings, and event planning. Planning monthly programs and speakers, this important role helps define the community experience of GWIN through outreach and experience.



[email protected]

The Programming volunteer handles the important task of finding monthly speakers.  They find, interact, and co-ordinate the speakers that bring us our inspiration, leadership, and development of person, career, and business.

Also helpful in providing Fundraising efforts for the community and GWIN.

Newsletter and News Editor
[email protected]

Responsible for the collection of news articles, interviews Members and Directors for their contributions to GWIN.  Also produces and distributes the monthly newsletter. 

High School Volunteer
High School Volunteer Madigan Gillespie
Madigan Gillespie

Social Media to Instagram & Facebook:

  • Creation, scheduling, & research
  • Member Highlights
  • Director Highlights
  • meeting events

Occasional meeting assistance

High School Volunteer
High School Volunteer Maria Fernanda Lima Fernandes Reis
Maria Fernanda Lima Fernandes Reis

Social Media to Instagram & Facebook:

  • Creation, scheduling, & research
  • Member Monday
  • Intrigue Media Posts

Occasional meeting assistance