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Can I join GWIN if I live or operate outside the Guelph-Wellington region?

Yes! Although our focus is on connecting members of the Guelph-Wellington community, all are welcome to join meetings and/or become a member.

Are there age restrictions to joining GWIN?

GWIN accepts all members over 18.  Focused on empowering women, GWIN welcomes individuals of all ages and stages of profession/career/business.

Can I become a member if I am not a woman?

Absolutely! GWIN is focused on empowering women, welcomes individuals of all gender identities.  We also recognize the importance of allies in our mission.

Check our Join page to purchase your membership!

Are membership fees refundable?

As a not for profit run entirely on volunteers we strive to provide exactly what our membership offer states.  Therefore, we don't offer refunds on membership purchases.

How often do I renew my membership?

Membership purchases are for 12 months.  Renewals occur every 12 months and are NOT automated. You will be sent an email reminder to renew your membership prior to its expiration. Follow the instructions to make sure your membership is renewed for another year!


Can I join meetings without a membership?

YES! Members receive a discount on ticket purchase, but Non-Members are always welcome.  Your full price admission is used to support the operation of GWIN and its mission.

Are events open to the general public?

Events can be attended by anyone.  You must pre-register for online or in-person events. Attendance to a meeting without pre-registration will result in non-admittance.

What kinds of events does GWIN offer?

Guelph-Wellington Women in Networking offers regularly scheduled meetings each month during our programming year September-June.

We also attend special events and share these with members to join us.  Check out our events page!


Who qualifies for GWIN scholarships, and how can I apply?

Make sure to check out our Scholarship page for the necessary information on scholarship requirements and the online application.

How much are GWIN scholarships? Do the values vary?

Make sure to check our Scholarship page for information on scholarship requirements and the online application.


Does GWIN offer services beyond networking?

Our goal is to bring members together through networking.  Where they build personal and business connections.  Our members learn to refer, rely, and resource from each other without obligation.

GWIN does not offer direct services, instead building relationships within our community where you can gain the necessary support for your business/profession/career.

Can high school students gain Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) volunteer hours with GWIN?

YES! We are a registered Not-for-Profit and accept 2 or more high school volunteers each year to assist with operations.

Submit your volunteer application and we will reach out to you.

How can I become a volunteer?

GWIN in run on volunteers on our Board and other central roles.  Our community needs your support.

Fill our volunteer form or our Board of Directors nomination form.



Who can I contact if I have questions or issues?

Fill out the contact us page and we will have the appropriate volunteer reach out to you.

Can I get a letter of recommendation from GWIN?

If you would like a letter of reference for your volunteer time in GWIN, please reach out to the Director assigned to your area of volunteerism.