Jaye Graham

Jaye is the owner of H2O Works Canada where 1-on-1 client care is water rehabilitation in a pool environment. Water is a remarkable modality for client recovery, care and training. With aquatic rehabilitation, healing is given to the restoration of function in many areas of orthopedics including sports medicine, work conditioning, joint replacement and back rehabilitation programs.
Also, Jaye is in partnership with 2 other amazing ladies who are passionate about helping women of all ages gain clarity with what’s happening to them hormonally and to take charge with solutions that work!

Facebook:  EmbracingHormone

Finally, Jaye Whats Up FB page showcases women entrepreneurs, business owners and areas of interest through interviews to help network and build their influence, reach and brand on social media.

Facebook:  Jayewhatsup

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Posted on: June 4th, 2019 by GWIN