Why Your Membership Matters

GWIN is a community of Members that contributes to its local community through Fundraising, Scholarship, Sponsorship, Monthly Events, and Other Community Events. Our goal is to provide educational and inspirational programming, and support through monthly meetings, promotion of our members businesses, as well as keep our members informed of community events.


Annual Membership

$140 for12 Months
  • Your 12 month membership benefits you, AND contributes to the organization by supporting our Annual Scholarship for a female University/College student, and Sponsorship of our local International Women's Day Event.
  • Members receive reduced pricing to meetings, exclusive marketing opportunities, and attend Guelph Chamber of Commerce events at member pricing!
  • Each programming year, we highlight our members in our social media to bring you and your business/career/profession traffic

May Membership Discount

$120 for 12 Months
  • This discount is open to returning members and NEW members,

Back to Business Discount

$120 for 12 Months
  • All the same benefits as the Annual Membership at a REDUCED price beginning in August for approxximately a month.
  • This discount offer is open to NEW members ONLY.. You must not have held a membership in the 12 months prior.

Benefits to membership


Together we achieve.  Together we grow.  In profession, career, or business, we increase our success by increasing our resources.  And Guelph-Wellington Women in Networking grows your resources through Connection.

Give Back

Each purchase of a GWIN Membership contributes to GWIN's mission.  Supporting the success of women through education and connection.

We also support our community with regular fundraising, an annual scholarship and, annual sponsorship of the local International Women's Day event and fundraiser.


You grow, We grow community

Inspirational topics, connections to other businesses, knowledge, community.  All ways to increase your success in everything you work to achieve.

Build Trust

By connecting with our community through networking you build connections and relationships, and your community. 

With your online presence through your member profile  and social media posts build trust shortcuts for your clients, community, and within our network.

GWIN Events

By purchasing an annual membership, you are contributing to the foundation of our work.  We show our appreciation to this commitment by DISCOUNTING the price to attend GWIN meetings.

Our line-up of speakers has been selected to blend business development with guidance and support in refining our self and business growth. Regardless of your career, business, or personal goals, these meetings will provide you with resources to advance yourself.

A GWIN meeting may include:

  • Casual networking
  • “Table Talk” - Topic matter related to the meeting subject
  • Introduction of Attendees
  • Presentation or Speaker

For more information, check out our FAQs, or to learn about upcoming GWIN events, check out:

These are events, often hosted by community partners, such as tradeshows, meetings and conferences and attended by our organization.  We are represented at these events by our GWIN Members, to promote the benefits of membership, further our reach and promote our members interacting in the community.

We are grateful to these member volunteers assisting in expanding our reach.  If you are a member, we are looking for support to attend events in the community on behalf of GWIN, reach out to the Hospitality Director to find out more.

Question's about membership? Comments? We’re happy to assist, email [email protected]