Meet the GWIN Volunteers!

Guelph-Wellington Women in Networking Volunteers

established in 1981 and registered as a not-for-profit organization in December 2019!

As a corporation, we are also able to offer Secondary School students community hours required for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma! Who better to do our Social Media content than those who have grown up with Social Media?

Without further ado …

Our FIRST and SECOND High school volunteers with Guelph-Wellington Women in Networking:

Maria Fernanda Lima Fernandes Reis

Madigan Gillespie

These two volunteers have been working behind the scenes to research, collaborate, and fill our social media to reflect our diverse community, promote our members and directors alongside the organization. We worked to find cultural, and diverse events celebrated by our community. Posts to educate on what is in our community, remind us to look up and out, and respect events and memorials.

We created social, and media to reflect our GWIN community.


GWIN is a way for our members to market their business. Included in their membership fee, every member in the GWIN directory will have their membership and business promoted with Facebook, and Instagram once in a programming year (September and June).



For our valued and committed members investing in the GWIN community with extra volunteerism through committees, and task management we highlight them through our Facebook, Instagram, and website. GWIN will highlight these members in our monthly newsletter where possible too. Showcasing our members and their businesses as giving back to our community.



Our Directors are a very SPECIAL group of members. As these GWIN members provide GWIN with rich dedication in developing the organization with their leadership. By stepping up and stepping in, these members take on the responsibility of managing, organizing, and developing the organization; for the benefit of Guelph-Wellington Women in Networking. By providing us with their support voluntarily, we humbly support these members with extra support on our Facebook, and Instagram, our website and our monthly newsletter.




Why is this important? We are run solely by volunteer members and the Board of Directors. As busy entrepreneurs, professionals, and businesses we need to use our time efficiently and effortlessly. We have been busy behind the scenes setting up structures to take GWIN to the next level. Tools that benefit our members, and Directors alike. Tools that will make volunteering for the Board less effort.

This is where YOU come in…we always keep the line to becoming a Director open. It takes time to understand the commitment, job, and tasks undertaken by each Director. By the time a member decides to come onto the board, there have been weeks or months of communication with current Directors. We work hard to get members the knowledge they need to make that decision and commitment.

GWIN is asking our current members to reach out to us. As we have seats come available from time to time, and your participation is valued. We make open seat announcements in February and are confirmed in the May Annual General Meeting. This coming year is our first Official Annual General Meeting as a corporation and your opportunity to be part of what will be an incredible time for the organization.

To connect about the Board and its seats, please email [email protected].

About gwin

GWIN is an organization dedicated to promoting the success of women by providing education, fostering relationships and giving back to the community.