Membership 2020 UPDATE

A special thank you to our members and guests for another great start to the year!

As discussed in the September GWIN meeting we would like to see our members more! Our organization is run by a volunteer Board of Directors and dedicated volunteer members; as such the organization wants to do MORE…

So without further a do… we are asking our members to volunteer their time to GWIN! There is a lot to running a great group like GWIN, and we want to do MORE for our members and community.

Please fill out the form below, and we will connect with you in the coming days to have a member or Director reach out to you.



We also want to formally let members know that the online meetings will continue to be offered at NO COST. For non-members, we ask a fee of $10 to go towards the continued efforts of supporting our greater community and members. Remember that GWIN is a registered Not-For-Profit and so you are secure in understanding we will use every contribution wisely.

We appreciate you and so will our community and members.

About gwin

GWIN is an organization dedicated to promoting the success of women by providing education, fostering relationships and giving back to the community.