Organizations for Women Entrepreneurs: Special Events, Grants, Scholarship

For ambitious women in Canada, connections are crucial to charting their career paths—whether starting their own business, climbing the corporate ladder, or exploring alternative routes. Though gender equality is progressing, barriers persist. Young women can access networking groups, funding opportunities, and resources to support their aspirations.

Similarly, women entrepreneurs in Mexico face unique challenges but have growing access to grants, scholarships, and supportive organizations. In both Canada and Mexico, the online gambling industry unexpectedly supports women-led startups. Online casinos recognize gender diversity’s importance and contribute through funding, mentorship, and collaborative projects to empower female entrepreneurs.

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Organizations dedicated to advancing women through programming, relationship building, and advocacy play a vital role. This article explores five leading institutions providing invaluable assistance to women across sectors. From skills-training workshops to mentorship and scholarship programs and beyond, find out how they are helping ambitious Canadian women gain an edge.

Canadian Women’s Foundation

Established in 1991, the Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF) funds women’s grassroots organizations nationwide and champions gender justice. CWF’s vision sees all women, girls and gender-diverse people empowered with equal rights and opportunities.

Key Initiatives

Through public education and microgrants supporting community programs, CWF focuses on violence and poverty prevention. Members stay engaged through newsletters, special events and contributions.

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Phone: 416-365-1444


Twitter: @cdnwomenfdn



Grants and Funding

CWF has granted over $100 million to organizations aiding women, girls and gender-diverse folks through programs focused on violence support, economic development, girls’ empowerment and more.


Events and Participation

CWF events and advocacy campaigns increase visibility for gender issues while networking supporters. Membership allows advocates to join the movement toward gender equality.


Achievements and Goals

To date, CWF has funded over 3,200 life-changing programs. They aim to continue growing support for feminist action and diverse women’s leadership.

Canadian Association of Women Executives & Entrepreneurs

Since 1976, CAWEE has connected Canadian businesswomen through networking events. CAWEE fosters women’s professional development, financial independence and personal fulfillment.

Signature Programs

Offerings range from monthly meetings and annual conferences to professional development seminars, giving members unique growth and mentorship opportunities.

Scholarship Program

CAWEE awards an annual MBA Scholarship to a female Schulich School of Business student exemplifying academic excellence and financial need.

Contact and Social Media

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Phone: 416-756-0000

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Twitter: @caweenet

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Membership and Participation

Members represent diverse industries and experience levels, united by shared goals for women’s advancement. Non-members can also attend events at guest rates and potentially join upon experiencing benefits.

Community Outreach Goals

CAWEE supports women’s charities like Courage in Action through its Charity of the Year program. The aim is to give back alongside fostering connections.

Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women

Focused on bolstering conditions for working women since 1930, BPW Canada works to improve women’s economic, political and employment conditions.

Global Connections

Aligned with global partnerships like the United Nations, BPW Canada connects over 100 worldwide affiliates. BPW Canada’s Past President Jenny Gulamani-Abdulla, chairs the Women Migrants and Global Citizenship Taskforce.

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Advocacy Campaigns

Advocacy Campaigns

Influential BPW Canada campaigns have focused on issues like equal pay, anti-human trafficking efforts, Indigenous women’s rights and more. Members drive advocacy through policy resolutions and government outreach.


Skill-Building and Leadership Programs

Offerings like the Career Skills Achievement Program and Leadership for the 21st Century workshops aim to develop women’s potential. Conferences also connect active members nationwide.

Women in Tech World

Women in Tech World (WITW) hosts events connecting female tech professionals and students while promoting women’s participation across the sector.

Research and Progress

Research and Progress

Having studied barriers for over 1600 women in tech nationwide, WITW created an intersectional action plan to promote inclusion and chart progress through further research.

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Twitter: @WiTWorld

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Mentorship Programming

The multi-month Women in Tech Mastermind Series matches members with mentors on issues concerning women in STEM. Guest experts provide insights during virtual meetings.

Get Involved

WITW welcomes allies to help fund continued research and community outreach efforts working to empower women technologists and entrench lasting change.

Women’s Enterprise Centre of Canada

Women’s Enterprise Centre of Canada provides certification to women-owned businesses through WBE Canada. The database connects certified businesses to opportunities while providing tailored training and events.

Expanding Reach

Expanding Reach

With over 1000 certified companies, WBE Canada has connected women entrepreneurs to major supply chains since 2009. The aim is to diversify corporate and public procurement.

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Phone: 416-646-6233



Supplier Diversity Commitment

Corporate members commit to supporting members’ business growth through mentorship programs. Certification verifies majority control by women while opening doors to contacts and contracts.

Business Award Competitions

WBE Canada celebrates female innovators, fast-growing startups, and distinguished corporations, furthering inclusion through annual supplier diversity awards.

Networking support proves invaluable for women who own their businesses, are following a career or are participating in the workforce by facilitating connections and resources tailored to their professional needs and goals. These organizations committed members to supporting each other in business, personal, and professional development. They provide forums for women to build relationships and skills that help them continue growing and realizing their potential without limits.

Momentum toward gender justice relies on continually developing and enabling women across all stages of their educational and working lives by providing precisely the kinds of assistance explored here. While barriers remain, groups helping women through programming, resources and advocacy play an indispensable role in dismantling obstacles and fostering empowerment. Supporting them grows our economy and society as a whole.